How should we prepare for IIT?

Do’s and Don’ts for JEE-Aspirants

DO’s to Succeed in IIT-JEE
Regular self study for minimum 7-8 hours a day from day one which should be increased gradually. Irregularities will lead you to failure.


Stick to coaching modules. First solve them completely and then go to one more reference book or study material.


Join test-series of any reputed coaching and take each test seriously. Develop your own strategy during a test and follow it.


As the months pass, increase the time of revision sessions in your study planner. Ideally after 3 months of learning you should devote a week for revision


Memorize all the formulae, as they are as important as learning the concept, they will save a lot of time in the examination.



Try to achieve consistency in your performance and improve it slowly.



Always use study tables for long duration study sessions. It will prepare you to sustain the pressure on the Last Day.


Study in slots of three hours, which will help you a lot during the real JEE. 

DON’ts for IIT-JEE


Avoid irregularity in your study pattern.
Don’t go beyond syllabus. Do not jump from one to another book in order to search for new problems in the same chapter.
Do not focus on reading books like Morrison Boyld,  Resnick Halladey Kane etc. These books are not at all required for JEE. (discuss with your teacher)
Don’t miss any classes even when you know the chapter, as while listening to it again you will revise it and will definitely learn something new.
Don’t study the entire night as you will feel sleepy during the day.
Hope it helps
All the best

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